Wednesday, December 08, 2004

long time

well, it's been a few days... saturday night went well, had fun as I always do when I am with my baby... sunday we slept in, in tangled sheets :) hehe... then Danielle and I came home, went shopping and I got grounded. Whoop. Grounded for 2 weeks baby. But I suppose it wont last long, cos mom always forgets about that shit. and then monday morning I went to school, and for some reason I got really sick in first block... and I went home. I slept all day, and when mommy got home we went to the hospital. I was there all night. they gave me 2 shots of some crazy stuff and then an IV of this medicine that made me shake, and talk really fast, and then sleep... yeah. it was interesting. so tuesday I was all drugged up and slept all day.. and today was a snow day.. yay :) hehe. I'm feeling a big better... dunno tho. I had a rough morning, but I guess that's all the past. I'm in love. Yay. but anywho, I'm gonna go make some cocoa and kick the boys outta the living room to watch a movie. later bitches :)


Saturday, December 04, 2004

haha interesting

thought the interesting things from today needed to be posted
1. Dad knows field hockey coach, and her father in law
2. Dad knows everything about USM
3. Dad saw his old baseball and basketball coaches from USM
4. Dad went to school with Coach, and got me into another sport there
5. Dad wanted to go to STARBUCKS :)
6. I wanted to go to Freeport and get that and go to A&F to see if Jimmy was working. We went to A&F, but Jimmy wasn't there yet, BUT Adam Libby works there I guess and he is Jimmy's manager and yay I saw Adam :) and! I got a new LIVESTRONG bracelt because Adam's was Child Size and mine was Adult Size and it makes sense for us to switch.
7. I got Starbucks :) and there is a Starbucks being put in in WATERVILLE :)
8. really bonded with dad today, and that feels good. :)

yep. UMF bound now. tomorrow I shall be home.
<3 Kait

oh boy

gone to USM for the day
and UMF for the night

nervous as HELL for the first one, excited like crazy for the second. I'll let you know tomorrow how the first one went... an the second one involves seeing Justin and Dan, so yayyy :) hehe. peace ;)


haha interesting

I don't rememeber if I said this last time, but Rick and Aaron B quit work :( last night, it was crazy. They quit together boo to them they suck eachothers penis's. Haha today was alright. School was dece, till I ruined Staffy's day, and he's like my favorite teacher of all time and that just made me really sad :( then Morin kept me entertained for 80 mins with his random shit, and Woods enlightened me with an essay I wrote that was "exceptionally well written" and I got a really good grade / score for it :) hehe. then I made up a quiz for Morin, which I TOTALLY bombed... then I came home and ate lots of food. Jk. I came home, got ready, and went shoppin with Aimee. We stopped up at Colby too :) and went to Fabs to get gas... and I bought the Keith Urban cd... mmm he's yummy. Um, last night Justin told me he loved me :) that deff made me smile., Tonight I worked for 5 hours with Sam, Andrew, Mike, Carol and Sarah. I love that group haha... they are so much fun :) Andrew, you're dumb. "Katie, you and Andrew should just hook up and get it over with" jeesh Mike, someone a little deprived? haha. Andrew, you know I love you ;) then I came home to a house full! Chris, Mike, Sarah, Matt, Mom and Bob... Joe was already in bed. Me, Chris, Sarah and Mike went to DD to get doughnuts yum yum. Then Sarah went home, and now Im getting ready for bed. BIG DAY TOMORROW... Meeting with the USM FH coach and team... gah. Scared. So yeah, peace :)

Ps - last night, Dan scored a goal. That gets him points... hahaha


Thursday, December 02, 2004


I know this is totally crazy and totally pathetic, but I was just watching Laguna Beach, and I think I almost cried? yeah. weird. It was the one where they graduate and Lauren get's everyone that's graduating in their group to sit together, so it was like everyone minus Kristin, and it was just good. And Lo's parents got her a car, a Jetta, for grad gift, when Christina only got a Bible? Yeah, that's one fucked up rich town, but I don't care. It's the same everywhere else, I don't know what I am going to do after this year... Kt, Veronica and Danille are all I have... and next year, if I go to NEU, I'll be so far away it's almost crazy... and if I go to USM, we'll be close cos they all plan on going to SMCC... but if I go to NEU, UMF or FPC, we wont really be near eachother cept when we are home... man, I really don't know what I am going to do after graduation. This summer is gonna be a reality shock. I'm gonna have to save all my money and find a job whereever I am moving to before I get there, and meet my roomate, and get everything on my list for college stuff.. wow. I don't know if I want to stay in Maine anymore really... NEU is looking like a wonderful place, but it's in the city... and it's really close to Adam, which makes me feel safe. And FPC is kinda in the country of NH, and Brett's there so that makes me feel safe. Next year is going to be so different, not having to wake up at 530 to beat everyone else in this house to the shower, not having to listen to my mom bitch every 5 seconds, not having to deal with my brothers... but then again it's gonna be so weird being away from home, in a different place with someone I barely know.. wow. I don't know, I guess I'm probably just over reacting, but I really will be lost without my RichStuckUpBitches next year, I love you girls so much... gah. Well, I think I am gonna get going. I have to work at 5, then Dan's hockey game at 9 w/Dani... School and work tomorrow and USM Saturday to find out my fate with that... yep. So I'll write tomorrow maybe. I don't know. depends.


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

long day

today over all sucked. I hated going to school and having to feel like such a bitch towards Beau, but everything he said to me last night just added up to the shit thats going on right now it didn't help. I am sorry, and I do accept your appology. We'll work on getting that friendship back in place, I promise. On the other hand, tonight I had to work... with him.. and she came in. Gahd. She came through drive-thru first and just kinda peeked in the window and saw me, and suddenly drove off, like she forgot something, and came back inside with the kids. honestly, dude, I don't want your efffing husband. chilll out. she scares me. I was glad I had to bring Mark home cos if not she probably would have, then she would have been there when I left and like slashed my tires or something. So I honestly don't know what is going through basketball coaches minds this year... Pellerin just. ugh, end of story right there. All I had to say was Pellerin. And Julie... cut Ashley.. and wow that's a horrible thing right there... wow. all I can say is wow. and more wows. I dont know, but I think Waterville lost some great talent. I mean, coaches are all big on "being young and strong" these days... but seriously, senior leadership is needed, and not by MW cos she isn't a good leader, shes a dumb bitch. Anywho, different subject. I don't know what I am going to do next year. Megan is making my choice harder and harder :( I don't want to leave my little sister alone for her freshman year of high school, everything she says is right. Things just wont be the same. I'm going to be possibly hundreds of miles away, possibly two states away, who knows. I'm not going to be here, and all I am going to do is miss her and wish I was home. Whats the point of college? to tear you away from your loved ones, I swear that's it. And now I'm thinking about me and Justin, what if something happens there thats really good... and lasts... and I get accepted to NEU? That would blow... and I just wouldn't want that. So I really am considering state schools now more than I was before, and I am happy about it. I don't know if it's because of Adam's influential words this past weekend, but it sure was something. Anywho, I think I am going to go find something to occupy my time since Justin apparently didn't take his laptop to poker, and probably go to bed eventually. So yeah, more tomorrow... I promise. Pinky Swear...p s tomorrows PAY DAY :-D

<3 Kait

Monday, November 29, 2004

wow.. it's late. or early? not sure

yea, it's deffinatly 1230 am, and I am not sure if it is really late or really early. but I do know I just finished my research paper that I have been doing since 9 oclock tonight. And I did some yesterday, and earlier today, and friday. And whenever our introduction and first page were due I did it then too. But gahd, writing 2000 words is harder than I thought. It was pretty simple tho cos it was on endo, and I have endo, so I knew what I was writing about. It was the whole organization thing that threw me off track. Oh schwell. Dan won poker tonight. But it's all good, cos Justin, Dan and Josh have this thing going so shh!! I can not give it away. I talked to Justin for a bit today... glad to say I am sincerly happy for once. and I mean every single letter of that word. I just miss him like crazyness, likes it my job. Speaking of job, I worked tonight. W/Sarah, Amber, Jess and Mike A.C. (married man). Sam and Andrew were there too for a bit. I worked 5-9 and got Sarah to schedule me a little this week so I am not so weak on hours and payroll. It sucks, I never worked during FH, and then I got sick, then that thing, and now yay I can work :) Amber says we are going to try out for the country singing auditions. I think she's crazy. But I love that girl. I am working tuesday, thursday & friday. Saturday morning is my thing at USM, and hopefully I'll be visiting someone special on saturday night, even though it has yet to be discussed. Well, my hands sure are tired from all this typing, and I could use some sleep, even though I cant stop peeing cos I got one of those "Great Ones'' at DD after work so I could stay awake to do this paper. I must say it's done it's job. Oh, really now, I need to go to sleep. goodnight

"I love that girl"


Sunday, November 28, 2004


gah, it's like noon, and I feel like I still haven't slept enough. yesterday I worked from 1-8. and I was supposed to get out early for hockey, but my manager wouldn't let me leave, but I'm lucky the game started late. Teray played :) she's my hero. we were winning most of the game, til 3rd period when Gorham had a sudden strike of amazingness, and ended up winning 4-2. DJ played for like 40 seconds, but it's okay, because he's my other hero :) I love DJ, and his mom reminds me everyday of how I used to chase him around screaming that (when I was like 7 of course) and he's my buddy. Then after that I came home, started to write my paper and suddenly didn't feel good, so I went to sleep... and woke up this morning at like 1130. haha yeah, that's the life. now HGilms wants to do something, I have yet to figure out what, but something... and yeah that's about it. Bry's dad took the computer away from him :( so I don't get to talk to him today, and I haven't talked to Justin since friday... grr. this is so frustrating. whatevs. I'm gonna go find something to wear, and then figure out whats up with HGilms... so peace :) ps.. I have to work 5-9 tonight.


Saturday, November 27, 2004

gah gah

I feel like a 5 year old full of excitement right now haha. It is really pathetic, but I don't care. I've never been noticed for field hockey for anything, besides almost making ME, but almost doesn't count... and this mornin I woke up and I was like "dude if I don't make at least honorable mention I might as well die", and I got honorable mention :) and my Katy got player of the year, she's my superstar, and I wub her. But right now I am getting ready for work and then going, then I have a game tonight at Colby at 730 to go to... (no other son of a bitch could match Babe Ruth when he hit 60 home runs, or so says the TV right now... hmm).. so I gots to run to work so I can leave early and make it in time for hockey, so yeah.. buhbye. GOOD LUCK TONIGHT MESSALONSKEE HOCKEY :)


Friday, November 26, 2004

you make me wanna la la

well then tonight was interesting. I chilled with Adam like all day cos he's CrAzY and wanted to go to Augusta the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. wow what a moron. anywho, we went to Barns and Noble and looked over some stuff, discussed college next year, got Starbucks :) and then came home. after that, I was just lazy for a bit til Bry got bored and I went over to make him un-bored. we just chilled for a while b4 he had to go to hockey and as did I. hot tubbin it is definatly great during the winter :) then, we had a hockey game. well, idk, it wasn't really a game... at some points, it seemed it, and I did get real excited, buttt we lost like 9-1. Allie played and Teray didn't suit because she had been at Maine Select in RI for a tourney and coach didn't think she'd be back in time, so DJ suited which was exciting. watching the game from behind the bench certainly isn't though. as the season progresses I certainly wish I had played, I miss it. but oh well. so I went to that with Danielle, and then we checked out TJ's, the BA and went to J&S in Winslow so she could get some chips... then I came home, and I am super bored. I have to work 1-8 tomorrow and get stuck missing Teray's game at 730.. which is shitty, and then I might go to the movies with Adam and dad because, well, because Adam's home and its the only time dad spends time with me. schwell, I think I might head to bed... don't worry, I'll get back to posting on this soon enough. goodnight :)


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

la la

well, I figured I'd try this thing out... so I guess if it works, everythings gonna be here now...

Im getting ready to go get Chris at Joe's house cos I am a wonderful sister like that. Yeah, I am too nice sometimes.

Talked to Jeff for a bit tonight. I miss my crazy Texan so much, and ps, next time, look at the clock before you call haha :) you're my best friend though, so it is okay.

Just realized that everyone and i mean everyone is back in town for Turkey Day break... so that means Champs is gonna be PACKED Wednesday night, so it should be a sweet time, especially since everyones favorite soldier is home as well, Eric :)

Yep.. well, I guess I am get going, since we actually have school tomorrow. And I'd like to get to sleep before 2 am for once... haha.