Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Times flyin' by, movin' so fast...

"the greatest challenge in life is to find someone who knows all your flaws differences and mistakes, yet still loves everything about you"

I don't know how I got so lucky. Every day I wake up to a beautiful, kind, loving, caring, growing, perfect child. And then I turn to my other side, and there's my amazing, wonderful, supportive, giving, loving sweetheart. And then I look down, and get the "Hey mom, what about me?" kick from inside my belly, and realize that our family is almost perfect. Only a few more months and Miss Lucy Meghann Hitchings will grace us with her presence, and life will never be the same. I knew the moment I met Chris that my life was going to change in big ways because of him, but I never imagined that it could ever possibly in a million years come to this. Through everything, he has been my best friend, my shoulder, my angel, my support system, simply my everything, and I really am blessed to have him as my other half.

Joshua is almost 2. I cannot grasp this yet. How did this happen? Where did the last 2 years go? He amazes me every single day. He's been such a good baby, such an inspiration to me every single day. He gives me the most amazing hugs, and his sloppy kisses are TO DIE FOR! Every day I wake up I ask myself how I honestly got so lucky. I know every parent says this about their children, but I can't begin to explain how much I mean this. He's changed my life in ways I could never explain to someone who didn't know me before he was born. I honestly feel like I'm finally on the right track, like nothing can really go wrong from here.

So, sometime in the next 3 months Miss Lucy will be here. And then there will be 4. 2 and 2. Us and the kids. It's such a strange concept, but it the most amazing, exciting feeling I've ever had!!! :)