Saturday, February 28, 2009

What?! February is over?!

Oh lord! How did this month fly by soooo fast? Seriously, wasn't it just the beginning of February and I was writing? I thought so. Gosh. So this month has been pretty great, I guess everything is just going to get better in our life huh? Things haven't seemed to get worse at all and I'm pretty damn happy about that! Well, happy about all of it except my little brat of an 8 month old son making BOTH mommy & daddy super sick in the last week [ oh well, it's what we get for open mouthed kisses and co-sleeping on occasion!] but who could resist a face so sweet and kissable?!?!?
Joshuawith Mimi&PapaMommy & Daddy!
You bet not us! haha. We love his kisses, his hugs, his clingy-ness and his cute little "bum leg" crawl! every part of it is great! haha he has come to amaze us in ways we never thought possible. There is a certain love you never really find until your a parent, and I honestly think that until you find that love, you can never love another being, even your soul mate and significant other, the way we should love one another. I thought I was falling in love with Chris when I was still pregnant, but it took until I had had Joshua, taken a good look at my life, realized how amazing motherhood is, and then I fell in love with Christopher the way he deserves. It's amazing what a child can do to you!

So, income taxes came in. Finally. Thank God. And then the money was gone. After about 3/4 of it went to bills, Chris and I kinda splurged on some fun stuff for us, a couple new jackets, some new coach sunglasses for me, a few months of car payments set aside, money in savings, and some toys for Joshua of course! and we took my brother out to lunch, to Portland and Freeport and treated him to some gifts... It was worth all of it! We have such joy in our lives spending time with loved ones, getting to spend an entire Sunday with my baby brother was a great, relaxing trip and we would do it every Sunday if we could! Joshua's been at my mothers since last night, she's keeping him double this weekend so Chris & I can try to relax and get over this illness that seems to be kicking both of our bums... his way of "getting better" is thoroughly enjoying Killzone 2 and Fear 2. He's a big video game freak. And I'm sitting here, ignored for the last 3 hours, and SCREAMING for attention. Haha. No, but really I've just been reading my magazines and catching up on my creeping, LOL.

Meghann, my SIL, got a cell phone on her mother's work plan [finally!!!] so we've been texting and google talking pretty constantly every day! It's so exciting to have someone other than Chris to talk to all day, not that I don't love our chats while he's slaving away for T-Mobile and I'm here, slaving away for him & Joshua. That's right, I'm still home. Going on 3 months of not working, and loving EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF BEING A MOMMY! I love being home with Joshua all day, even if it does drive me nutso sometimes! He's an amazing baby and I love him!!!

Anyway, probably should get something productive done today, but I'll really probably ust go lay on the couch and watch more video games [he's onto Fear 2 now... had his KillZone fix I guess].. take care :) 


Monday, February 09, 2009


January is over. The first month of 2009 finished quite amazingly for us actually. We finally got our refund from income taxes for me, which was quite hefty thankfully. We paid all of our bills for february, set aside money in savings and for my car payments for a few months, and splurged with some more of it. Joshua got a few new toys, and some clothes for spring && summer, and Chris & I both got new jackets and quite a bit of clothes and toys for ourselves! I also got a new digital camera! yay! that was exciting. We took my little brother Chris to Portland yesterday and stopped in Freeport along the way, that's where I got my new jackets, at North Face, I got 2. Luckily I can squeeze into a childrens XL, so I can get cheaper jackets than a women's S/M would be! Yay! Hehe. We also went into Polo, and both Chris & my brother got new polos, I got a sweater and 2 tank tops! then of course, Abercrombie, got a pair of pants & a long sleeve shirt! And we had to stop at Coach just to check it out see if the factory had anything nice... and Katie scored a new pair of sunglasses for under 100$! yay!! hehe. Best purchase of the day! Then we travelled to Cabella's and Chris got his new jacket there, it's really nice, black, and it's comfy! Off to the Maine Mall we went from there! We went to The Sports Authority, in search of our cousin Josh, who works as a manager there, but had no luck, so we browsed golf clubs and North Face hats, ended up leaving empty handed. Then I dragged the boys into Forever 21, and ended up getting tons of stuff! it was exciting to be able to purchase things I wanted! Then we browsed the rest of the mall for a bit, went to the Apple store of course, and the baby store to get Joshua a few outfits, and then headed out for lunch. We went to Macaronni Grill and had a great time. We really enjoy spending time with my little brother, he's a great kid!

After our drive home, we picked up Joshua at my mom's and dropped Chris Hamel off, and headed home. We were very happy to be home and relaxed all evening with Joshua. It's been a great start to 2009 so far and I'm just excited to see what the rest of it brings!!