Wednesday, December 08, 2004

long time

well, it's been a few days... saturday night went well, had fun as I always do when I am with my baby... sunday we slept in, in tangled sheets :) hehe... then Danielle and I came home, went shopping and I got grounded. Whoop. Grounded for 2 weeks baby. But I suppose it wont last long, cos mom always forgets about that shit. and then monday morning I went to school, and for some reason I got really sick in first block... and I went home. I slept all day, and when mommy got home we went to the hospital. I was there all night. they gave me 2 shots of some crazy stuff and then an IV of this medicine that made me shake, and talk really fast, and then sleep... yeah. it was interesting. so tuesday I was all drugged up and slept all day.. and today was a snow day.. yay :) hehe. I'm feeling a big better... dunno tho. I had a rough morning, but I guess that's all the past. I'm in love. Yay. but anywho, I'm gonna go make some cocoa and kick the boys outta the living room to watch a movie. later bitches :)


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