Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Lot of Meaningless Comments.

This blog is going to have nothing to do with our growing family, because at the moment, I'm online reading my gossip pages and some things never cease to amaze me.

I clicked on a link about Tiger Woods' handlers being mad at him, because he did something without his wife and kids with him, and I was amazed at what I read. I thought the second I clicked it it would be this terrible story about how he went out and ended up having a walk of shame [or some random bimbo did] the next morning from a hotel room. But no, Tiger went out to a concert, and enjoyed himself, alone, and spent time with the band backstage after. Wow, big surprise, superstar millionaires spending time together, am I supposed to be shocked by this? The article states Elin was back home in Sweden with the kids and her family, where she also stated they would be spending most of the summer. Instead of trying to make this process easier for the kids and the family unit itself, she's packed up and shipped off to another country to run away from the issues that are looming at home. I realize Tiger made a mistake in his marriage, and that he did commit adultry and has broken up his family, but making it even harder on those poor children is worse. They deserve to see their father and he deserves to have them nearby, especially while all he is doing right now is trying to get back out there and earn a living to be able to support those kids and that wife, who will soon be his ex-wife and no doubt will earn more money in child support every month than she would if she got a real job anytime soon. It's just a shame to see his name continue to be dragged through the mud and left out to dry. How many men cheat on their wives every single day and end up leaving them and making huge mistakes and no one cares about that? Just because he's famous doesn't mean we should treat him any differently. Let him live, he's trying to get his life back because as much as everything was taken from Elin in his mistake, he took that life from himself as well. It will be a while before he can look at himself the same again, if that day ever comes, we at least owe him the decency of respect and privacy.

phew. okay.