Tuesday, November 23, 2004

la la

well, I figured I'd try this thing out... so I guess if it works, everythings gonna be here now...

Im getting ready to go get Chris at Joe's house cos I am a wonderful sister like that. Yeah, I am too nice sometimes.

Talked to Jeff for a bit tonight. I miss my crazy Texan so much, and ps, next time, look at the clock before you call haha :) you're my best friend though, so it is okay.

Just realized that everyone and i mean everyone is back in town for Turkey Day break... so that means Champs is gonna be PACKED Wednesday night, so it should be a sweet time, especially since everyones favorite soldier is home as well, Eric :)

Yep.. well, I guess I am get going, since we actually have school tomorrow. And I'd like to get to sleep before 2 am for once... haha.

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