Saturday, December 04, 2004

haha interesting

I don't rememeber if I said this last time, but Rick and Aaron B quit work :( last night, it was crazy. They quit together boo to them they suck eachothers penis's. Haha today was alright. School was dece, till I ruined Staffy's day, and he's like my favorite teacher of all time and that just made me really sad :( then Morin kept me entertained for 80 mins with his random shit, and Woods enlightened me with an essay I wrote that was "exceptionally well written" and I got a really good grade / score for it :) hehe. then I made up a quiz for Morin, which I TOTALLY bombed... then I came home and ate lots of food. Jk. I came home, got ready, and went shoppin with Aimee. We stopped up at Colby too :) and went to Fabs to get gas... and I bought the Keith Urban cd... mmm he's yummy. Um, last night Justin told me he loved me :) that deff made me smile., Tonight I worked for 5 hours with Sam, Andrew, Mike, Carol and Sarah. I love that group haha... they are so much fun :) Andrew, you're dumb. "Katie, you and Andrew should just hook up and get it over with" jeesh Mike, someone a little deprived? haha. Andrew, you know I love you ;) then I came home to a house full! Chris, Mike, Sarah, Matt, Mom and Bob... Joe was already in bed. Me, Chris, Sarah and Mike went to DD to get doughnuts yum yum. Then Sarah went home, and now Im getting ready for bed. BIG DAY TOMORROW... Meeting with the USM FH coach and team... gah. Scared. So yeah, peace :)

Ps - last night, Dan scored a goal. That gets him points... hahaha


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