Monday, March 14, 2011

March, and Rain...

It's raining so much lately
it's starting to depress me. Maybe if this rain was making the grass green or the flowers grow, and not not just melting the 4 feet of snow outside my back porch, I'd feel a little better about it... Maybe.

Is it sad that I have started getting excited over 40 Degree weather, and when the forcast calls for overnight RAIN and no longer overnight snow accumulation? I think it is quite pathetic. So much of me cannot wait for this snow to melt and be gone, though it is a beautiful sight in November and December, but now that it is March, I'm ready to be able to explore the outdoors with my two growing, beautiful, curious children.

Lucy is crawling. Joshua is currently flashing me his stomach saying "look at this mommy", with a huge grin on his face, and I couldn't ask for anything more. It's going to be such a fun, eventful summer, even though gas is almost 4$ a gallon, and the weather doesn't seem to be getting any warmer as of yet. I can't wait to show Lucy the playground, push her in a swing, watch her swim [or at least try to] in the kiddie pool at my mothers house. It'll be so much fun to watch her learn to walk and run and follow after Joshua throughout the backyard and chase Sophie, Cedric and Liam at Chris's parents house. It'll be so exciting to walk to the playground with all 5 of them, and watch them learn from each other. It's so wonderful to have all of our children around the same age, so that they can play together and learn and grow all at once. Watching Lucy and everything she understands and gathers from Joshua's actions is one thing, but when she has Sophie around I'm almost positive their attitudes are going to rub right off one another! It will be absolutely thrilling!

We got the kids Easter pictures done last week, they are so precious. I love my two kids more than anything in this entire world. They make our perfect little family complete and whole. It makes my day to see them with their father, and with each other, and to see how much they love each other and us and to know that they have a love in them so deep they hardly understand. Our family is truly a blessing <3

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


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