Sunday, November 28, 2004


gah, it's like noon, and I feel like I still haven't slept enough. yesterday I worked from 1-8. and I was supposed to get out early for hockey, but my manager wouldn't let me leave, but I'm lucky the game started late. Teray played :) she's my hero. we were winning most of the game, til 3rd period when Gorham had a sudden strike of amazingness, and ended up winning 4-2. DJ played for like 40 seconds, but it's okay, because he's my other hero :) I love DJ, and his mom reminds me everyday of how I used to chase him around screaming that (when I was like 7 of course) and he's my buddy. Then after that I came home, started to write my paper and suddenly didn't feel good, so I went to sleep... and woke up this morning at like 1130. haha yeah, that's the life. now HGilms wants to do something, I have yet to figure out what, but something... and yeah that's about it. Bry's dad took the computer away from him :( so I don't get to talk to him today, and I haven't talked to Justin since friday... grr. this is so frustrating. whatevs. I'm gonna go find something to wear, and then figure out whats up with HGilms... so peace :) ps.. I have to work 5-9 tonight.


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