Saturday, December 04, 2004

haha interesting

thought the interesting things from today needed to be posted
1. Dad knows field hockey coach, and her father in law
2. Dad knows everything about USM
3. Dad saw his old baseball and basketball coaches from USM
4. Dad went to school with Coach, and got me into another sport there
5. Dad wanted to go to STARBUCKS :)
6. I wanted to go to Freeport and get that and go to A&F to see if Jimmy was working. We went to A&F, but Jimmy wasn't there yet, BUT Adam Libby works there I guess and he is Jimmy's manager and yay I saw Adam :) and! I got a new LIVESTRONG bracelt because Adam's was Child Size and mine was Adult Size and it makes sense for us to switch.
7. I got Starbucks :) and there is a Starbucks being put in in WATERVILLE :)
8. really bonded with dad today, and that feels good. :)

yep. UMF bound now. tomorrow I shall be home.
<3 Kait

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