Saturday, November 27, 2004

gah gah

I feel like a 5 year old full of excitement right now haha. It is really pathetic, but I don't care. I've never been noticed for field hockey for anything, besides almost making ME, but almost doesn't count... and this mornin I woke up and I was like "dude if I don't make at least honorable mention I might as well die", and I got honorable mention :) and my Katy got player of the year, she's my superstar, and I wub her. But right now I am getting ready for work and then going, then I have a game tonight at Colby at 730 to go to... (no other son of a bitch could match Babe Ruth when he hit 60 home runs, or so says the TV right now... hmm).. so I gots to run to work so I can leave early and make it in time for hockey, so yeah.. buhbye. GOOD LUCK TONIGHT MESSALONSKEE HOCKEY :)


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