Wednesday, December 01, 2004

long day

today over all sucked. I hated going to school and having to feel like such a bitch towards Beau, but everything he said to me last night just added up to the shit thats going on right now it didn't help. I am sorry, and I do accept your appology. We'll work on getting that friendship back in place, I promise. On the other hand, tonight I had to work... with him.. and she came in. Gahd. She came through drive-thru first and just kinda peeked in the window and saw me, and suddenly drove off, like she forgot something, and came back inside with the kids. honestly, dude, I don't want your efffing husband. chilll out. she scares me. I was glad I had to bring Mark home cos if not she probably would have, then she would have been there when I left and like slashed my tires or something. So I honestly don't know what is going through basketball coaches minds this year... Pellerin just. ugh, end of story right there. All I had to say was Pellerin. And Julie... cut Ashley.. and wow that's a horrible thing right there... wow. all I can say is wow. and more wows. I dont know, but I think Waterville lost some great talent. I mean, coaches are all big on "being young and strong" these days... but seriously, senior leadership is needed, and not by MW cos she isn't a good leader, shes a dumb bitch. Anywho, different subject. I don't know what I am going to do next year. Megan is making my choice harder and harder :( I don't want to leave my little sister alone for her freshman year of high school, everything she says is right. Things just wont be the same. I'm going to be possibly hundreds of miles away, possibly two states away, who knows. I'm not going to be here, and all I am going to do is miss her and wish I was home. Whats the point of college? to tear you away from your loved ones, I swear that's it. And now I'm thinking about me and Justin, what if something happens there thats really good... and lasts... and I get accepted to NEU? That would blow... and I just wouldn't want that. So I really am considering state schools now more than I was before, and I am happy about it. I don't know if it's because of Adam's influential words this past weekend, but it sure was something. Anywho, I think I am going to go find something to occupy my time since Justin apparently didn't take his laptop to poker, and probably go to bed eventually. So yeah, more tomorrow... I promise. Pinky Swear...p s tomorrows PAY DAY :-D

<3 Kait

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