Monday, November 29, 2004

wow.. it's late. or early? not sure

yea, it's deffinatly 1230 am, and I am not sure if it is really late or really early. but I do know I just finished my research paper that I have been doing since 9 oclock tonight. And I did some yesterday, and earlier today, and friday. And whenever our introduction and first page were due I did it then too. But gahd, writing 2000 words is harder than I thought. It was pretty simple tho cos it was on endo, and I have endo, so I knew what I was writing about. It was the whole organization thing that threw me off track. Oh schwell. Dan won poker tonight. But it's all good, cos Justin, Dan and Josh have this thing going so shh!! I can not give it away. I talked to Justin for a bit today... glad to say I am sincerly happy for once. and I mean every single letter of that word. I just miss him like crazyness, likes it my job. Speaking of job, I worked tonight. W/Sarah, Amber, Jess and Mike A.C. (married man). Sam and Andrew were there too for a bit. I worked 5-9 and got Sarah to schedule me a little this week so I am not so weak on hours and payroll. It sucks, I never worked during FH, and then I got sick, then that thing, and now yay I can work :) Amber says we are going to try out for the country singing auditions. I think she's crazy. But I love that girl. I am working tuesday, thursday & friday. Saturday morning is my thing at USM, and hopefully I'll be visiting someone special on saturday night, even though it has yet to be discussed. Well, my hands sure are tired from all this typing, and I could use some sleep, even though I cant stop peeing cos I got one of those "Great Ones'' at DD after work so I could stay awake to do this paper. I must say it's done it's job. Oh, really now, I need to go to sleep. goodnight

"I love that girl"


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