Friday, July 31, 2009

Camping -- Vermont 2009

Well, we took Joshua on his very first ever camping trip! Sunday, July 26th we headed out the door around 8 AM and were en route to Vermont! It was a really fun trip! Joshua was awake the entire way to Erroll, where we stopped to get snacks at the store and Joshua played with a little puppy! Back in the car we went, and finally stopped for a little sight seeing in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. It's beautiful!! The Balsams are amazing, beautiful, and peaceful. It it so great to look at, so m
uch going on.

Back in the car we went, Joshua eventually fell asleep after this, and until we got to Island Pond, Vermont. It was a nice, peaceful part of the drive just getting to relax. From there we stopped in Newport to grab some lunch. We stopped just outside of Richford to take some pictures into the Valley . Our final stop before Carmi was Enosburg to get groceries and ice for camp, and then we were at Lake Carmi! It's amazing, I love it, it's beautiful, and it's so much fun. And Joshua loved it too!!! We had a perfect little campsite, Joshua loved watching the ducks swimming in the water, and our cabin was beautiful.

I almost Forgot how beautiful Lake Carmi is at night. Sunset it perfect over the lake.

The day we left we spent a few hours in Burlington. We walked Church Street for a few hours, had lunch with Kyle at her Burton Office, and had lunch at TGI Friday's as a family before we hit the road. Joshua had a great time, and I think the pictures show! He's a blessing!! We are so lucky to have the most amazing baby!!!