Monday, June 29, 2009

Joshua Turns 1

I cannot believe it's been a year since my little boy came into this world :) I just want to thank EVERYONE who was in attendance at his party this past weekend at Rick & Rachel's! We had a blast, and as we know, before we know it Meghann will be popping out little Pony-Tail Coconut into this world and we'll have ANOTHER little baby to celebrate with, on top of Shea's and Kel's that were born last month!! Pictures are coming, give daddy some time to upload them :)

Monday, June 08, 2009

June, the beginning.

Well, as of the first week of June we have 3 new babies in the family, and ONE more on the way :)

Shea & Kellie had their baby girls a day apart, and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Shea had Reagan first, on Saturday afternoon around 4 pm! She was perfect and precious and I cannot wait for Jamie's wedding so I can snuggle her!! Kellie had Eliana on Sunday around 430 pm! She is so cute and loved it's not even funny, Addison looks at her with adoring eyes and the pictures are only the beginning of the amount of love he's got for his little baby sis!! And just over 2 weeks ago, Sarah, Shea's older sister, had her baby too!! I'm so excited and blessed to be a part of this loving, growing, caring, supportive family!! Love you, Shea, Kellie, Justin, Addison and new babies!!!

Okay, and the one on the way is... MEGGLES!!! She is pregnant with #3! And Sophie and Cedric are soooo excited it's silly! And me, well, I CANNOT WAIT!!! I love all the babies this beautiful family is blessed with!! Now I really cannot wait for the wedding and the holiday season to come back around so we can have more baby time!!

I volunteered at the Special Olympics Summer Games in Orono this past weekend with a few girls from my work, and I am beat. Those athletes have to be some of the best mannered athletes in the world. I've never seen someone be so happy to come in 7th place, just to get a ribbon. It breaks my heart to remember how angry I'd get not coming in first all the time. It really shows you a lot when you are involved in something of that sort. I am exhausted, but it was well worth it. The sun burn I could have done without though, but the memories will last forever!!!