Friday, November 26, 2004

you make me wanna la la

well then tonight was interesting. I chilled with Adam like all day cos he's CrAzY and wanted to go to Augusta the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING. wow what a moron. anywho, we went to Barns and Noble and looked over some stuff, discussed college next year, got Starbucks :) and then came home. after that, I was just lazy for a bit til Bry got bored and I went over to make him un-bored. we just chilled for a while b4 he had to go to hockey and as did I. hot tubbin it is definatly great during the winter :) then, we had a hockey game. well, idk, it wasn't really a game... at some points, it seemed it, and I did get real excited, buttt we lost like 9-1. Allie played and Teray didn't suit because she had been at Maine Select in RI for a tourney and coach didn't think she'd be back in time, so DJ suited which was exciting. watching the game from behind the bench certainly isn't though. as the season progresses I certainly wish I had played, I miss it. but oh well. so I went to that with Danielle, and then we checked out TJ's, the BA and went to J&S in Winslow so she could get some chips... then I came home, and I am super bored. I have to work 1-8 tomorrow and get stuck missing Teray's game at 730.. which is shitty, and then I might go to the movies with Adam and dad because, well, because Adam's home and its the only time dad spends time with me. schwell, I think I might head to bed... don't worry, I'll get back to posting on this soon enough. goodnight :)


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