Friday, May 29, 2009

is it really almost June?...

**Joshua & Mommy at York Beach with aunty Beps!

I could list a million reasons why Joshua, being 11 months old, and passed out sprawled across mine and Chris's pillows right now, is NOT a cute picture... but I can think of some much more interesting reasons why it's adorable :)

reason a: he picked out some cute jammies tonight. A shark t-shirt, and puppy pants. He's so special. The other day, he brought me a blue and white striped sock, and a black puma sock, and wanted to wear them, together. He's my little ham!!!

reason b: we shared an ice cream earlier, and that made my day. My little boy loves cookie dough blizzards ALMOST as much as mommy does!!

reason c: he was so well behaved in the tubby tonight while I sorted laundry on the bathroom floor. Watching him splish and spash and play with his toys in the water is so entertaining!! he's a riot!!

reason d: after his tubby, he helped me sort the clean laundry and put it away! I told him to "put his laundry basket in his room" and he pushed it over there!! He's a genius I swear!!!!!! I love it!

and finally, reason E.... he fell asleep in my arms, with a smile on his face and binky half out :) I love my little boy! We are so blessed to have such a smart, healthy, adorable baby. And I am so blessed to have such a wonderfully, amazing, perfect, kind, caring, loving, supportive hubby! Chris is my world, and everyday is just yet another treat for our family!! It's perfect, and I couldn't ask for anything more!!

Memorial Day weekend was a blast! Meg & Jared were up with Sophie & Cedric, so we splent PLENTY of time with them! I finally found a job I am in love with! I work at a Credit Union [just like Auntie Sage!] in Augusta and it's a blast! We had a big BBQ Memorial Day, Dan & Jess came up with their little girls, Ted & Sage came over with Owen, and Grandma and Grampa Steward came down for the fun! We always have a blast when we all get together! Next get together is Joshua's first birthday party at Rick & Rachels!! I can't wait!! I love my new family!!

OH YAH!!! And Meg & Jared are FINALLY adding to their family... baby #3 to be welcomed to the world in January 2010!!!