Saturday, December 20, 2008

standing cold and scared on top of blue hill...

Oh man! Today has been a day! It's so close to Christmas I can't believe it :)

So I went to Wal Mart today, not listening to the wonderful advised my someday-in-law's had given me that it was hell there and it took them forever to get out, I ended up being there way too long! I originally just went to grab the pictures I had printed off for Christmas gifts for family, and I ran into 1093028409 people I know. Okay, not that many, but a couple people from high school, a couple teachers, and then decided "Oh, well, I guess it would be nice to get my haircut today..." So I cut 4 inches off my hair and got the rest of it layered, I think it looks good but we will see when Christopher get's home from work -- he still has  NO IDEA! haha. Oh man. I had just left him, we had lunch at Quizno's because he worked today as usual and I joined him on his lunch break. Quizno's the place of our first meal together, so cute. Haha. Anywho, I think we are just about done our Christmas shopping finally. We really only have to get giftcards now for my parents and his sister and brother-in-law and a few frames for the rest of my family, then we will be done. We are running to Wal Mart when he gets out of work at 830, hopefully at that point it will have slowed down a bit! haha.

Joshua talked so much today! We were riding in the car and every 30 seconds I heard "ba, ma, gah, ba, gah, la , ka" in the backseat. I tried to keep him going but sometimes when I get involved he shut up, so I just let him "sing" along with the music! It's so cute! We also ran into his real fathers parents at Marden's, I'm really glad they got to see him, since they don't see him very often and haven't for almost 3 months now. They aren't really a part of our live, given his father doesn't have a thing to do with him or give a care about him and hasn't since day one, but it's still nice for them to see him every once and a while!

Meghann is coming on Tuesday, I've asked her to teach me her wonderful skill :: knitting :: I figured, it's useful, she's amazing at it, and it could help me pass time and I might really grow to love it. Meghann is a great person, I'm so lucky Chris has such an amazing sister!! Well, I guess I'll go get ready for Christopher to get here, only another hour! yay!


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