Saturday, December 27, 2008

And Christmas has passed...

Oh boy! What a Christmas! It was filled with so much love and laughter and joy and tons of FAMILY! Here's a recap...

Christmas Eve day we spent a bit of time with Chris's family, in the afternoon, and then headed out to my mom's. We got all the gifts together and headed over to the Tibbett's for our usual Christmas eve festivities. We ate, played with Joshua and Grady [Pete & Cara's little boy thats 4 months older than Joshua], opened gifts and enjoyed eachothers company as always. Joshua got so many cute toys! And Chris and I got movie tickets, a gift card to wal-mart, and I got some lotion and chapstick as well. It was a good time! Then we headed back to Skowhegan and got settled in for the night and waited on Santa Clause... Christmas morning we headed to Chris's parents [Rick & Rachel] around 815... we ate cinnamon rolls and drank LOTS of red drink! haha. Then Gram & Gramp [Rachel's parents] came over and we all gathered around the tree so Sophia and Poppa could hand out gifts! That was a fun time as well, as predicted. Joshua, again, got so many great toys! Thanks so much guys for spoiling him!! And not to brag or anything, but Chris & I had a great Christmas gift wise too.. Chris got from me a Giants shirt, a Boston Red Sox bobble head, a new North Face sweatshirt, a sweater and some new cologne. From Chris I got an outfit from American Eagle, a sweater, Grey's Anatomy seasons 2 &3, and.. oh yeah, UGGS! Finally I own a pair of Uggs! haha. From his parents I got a Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar gift set, and from his sister a gift card to Target and some knitting supplies! After Christmas morning we headed out to Sidney to my Aunt Shelia & Aunt Jeans house to do my family Christmas with my mom's entire family! We were super busy!! We had lunch and opened gifts, which took nearly 2 hours - there was like 15 of us! Joshua got more new toys, which he loves so much! I got tons of gift cards and some money as well, which is always helpful!

But more importantly, we had an amazing Christmas being able to spend time together and with our families. I've never been in love like I am with Christopher, and I hope this feeling lasts a lifetime. I can't wait to finish moving in, to really start our life living together. He amazes me more & more everyday!! I am the luckiest girl in the world!!

Hope everyone had a great Holiday Season!

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