Friday, December 19, 2008

short nap = blog time

Joshua is down for a little nappy before his bedtime bottle, and since that doesn't happen often I figured I'd get on this! It's been so long I need to re-dedicate myself to blogging daily, or at least weekly, so I can keep this one going! It feels so good to get the days stresses off my back by writing them all down, or at least typing them. Things have just been so messy lately it's crazy! Joshua was born in June, but it still feels like it was just yesterday, and it's so hard to believe that next week he will be 6 months old, a whole half a year... wow. amazing how my little baby has grown into such a little man already!!

So Chris and I are moving in together! It's such a change, this one is for real... So the apartment is in Skowhegan, it's the one he's lived in for a while, and he did live there with his ex, but since she is all gone and we got rid of EVERYTHING that they shared, it can finally be ours. We've got a new couch, from his parents, a complete bedroom for Joshua that is going to be amazing once we've got everything moved from my parents house to here. We've got a sign up above the door in our bedroom "Always kiss me goodnight", we've moved the bed, found every last wedding invitation, and gotten rid of all the trash left behind. We're ready for the next chapter in our lives to begin and are more than thrilled that it involves eachother, and us being together!
He makes me smile like I've never smiled before, and he does so much for me that he doesn't ever have to! His family is amazing! His parents are so welcoming and loving and giving towards Joshua and I, they are overall just amazing people. They have showed nothing but respect and love for us since day 1 and that means so much! His sister, her husband and their kids are such special people to Joshua and I already. Their daughter loves to play with Joshua and hold him and show him things like toys and the tv, and their little boy is still trying to figure out who the baby is, but they are so great with him it doesn't matter! I love spending time with them! 

All in all, I'd say this has been a pretty amazing year, and 2008 has proven to be very special to me. I'm grateful for so much it's out of this world! Well, Joshua's waking up again, so I must go. More later!


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