Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Year, New Home, New Beginnings!

Well! 2009 is here! what a relief! I really am excited to begin a new year, with a new outlook on where my life is going. Having Joshua turned 2008 around for me, and it began a transformation I thought would never come. I've realized what's important in my life. Joshua is my number one priority, he is my savior, my light in the dark, and my main purpose for being here now. The midnight wakings and the early mornings are no longer a big deal to me, they are our special time, our bonding time. And I'll be honest, not having to jump each time in the night when he wakes up is a great help as well in me getting better and getting where I am now. Having Chris wake up to his crying and jump to go get his pacifier, or change his diaper and feed him a bottle to get back to sleep, is beyond helpful, it's really saving me from going crazy! We've been staying the night [and packing a bag every few days from my mothers house] since the end of of November, and finally this past week we got everything all moved in. All we really have left is the crib, but that's fine because Joshua sleeps just as well in his pack & play in his room as he would if the crib were here yet. Within the next few weeks we will get it from my mothers house though! So here I sit, a Thursday morning, Chris is at work, Joshua's taking a nap on our bed, and I'm watching What Not To Wear on our huge big screen tv, flipping through what's recorded on the DVR, and wondering if life could get more perfect... I really don't think at this point it could. Eventually, hopefully soon, I will find something for work, part time is what we are hoping for, and I'll be able to help with some of the bills, but for the time being, I couldn't think of a single complaint on life and how it is. Just this morning I got up before Chris, fed Joshua, packed Chris a lunch, cleaned off his car, did dishes, and felt more like a mother/live-in-girlfriend than I ever have in the 6 months I've been a mom. It's hard to believe how far our family has come in the last few months, having things going the way they are between Chris and I, having Chris turn himself into a father almost instantly, and having instant in-laws and extra grandparents [not to mention an Aunt, Uncle & 2 cousins] for Joshua is a blessing!

I'm so excited about what more will come in 2009! Hope everyone had a great, happy, safe new years and holiday season


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