Monday, February 09, 2009


January is over. The first month of 2009 finished quite amazingly for us actually. We finally got our refund from income taxes for me, which was quite hefty thankfully. We paid all of our bills for february, set aside money in savings and for my car payments for a few months, and splurged with some more of it. Joshua got a few new toys, and some clothes for spring && summer, and Chris & I both got new jackets and quite a bit of clothes and toys for ourselves! I also got a new digital camera! yay! that was exciting. We took my little brother Chris to Portland yesterday and stopped in Freeport along the way, that's where I got my new jackets, at North Face, I got 2. Luckily I can squeeze into a childrens XL, so I can get cheaper jackets than a women's S/M would be! Yay! Hehe. We also went into Polo, and both Chris & my brother got new polos, I got a sweater and 2 tank tops! then of course, Abercrombie, got a pair of pants & a long sleeve shirt! And we had to stop at Coach just to check it out see if the factory had anything nice... and Katie scored a new pair of sunglasses for under 100$! yay!! hehe. Best purchase of the day! Then we travelled to Cabella's and Chris got his new jacket there, it's really nice, black, and it's comfy! Off to the Maine Mall we went from there! We went to The Sports Authority, in search of our cousin Josh, who works as a manager there, but had no luck, so we browsed golf clubs and North Face hats, ended up leaving empty handed. Then I dragged the boys into Forever 21, and ended up getting tons of stuff! it was exciting to be able to purchase things I wanted! Then we browsed the rest of the mall for a bit, went to the Apple store of course, and the baby store to get Joshua a few outfits, and then headed out for lunch. We went to Macaronni Grill and had a great time. We really enjoy spending time with my little brother, he's a great kid!

After our drive home, we picked up Joshua at my mom's and dropped Chris Hamel off, and headed home. We were very happy to be home and relaxed all evening with Joshua. It's been a great start to 2009 so far and I'm just excited to see what the rest of it brings!!


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